Nisha & Raj have been such a pleasure getting to know, From the time we met them at the studio, shooting their fun engagement shoot at the Brickworks, seeing them so full of love on their hot summer wedding day, and the many times we’ve spoken with them since their big day!  We asked Nisha a few questions about the wedding day;

XD: “Where did you meet?”

Nisha: “Raj and I went to school together at the University of Toronto.  We used to see each other everywhere (library and gym) and had mutual friends that introduced us”

XD: “How did the proposal happen?”

Nisha: “He came to visit me when i was living in Boston and we went for a walk down the Esplanade.  We were having a “picnic” and he threw me for a loop by making me think he was unhappy about something in our relationship, when in fact  he was just trying to throw me off and not guess what he was up to (I am bad with surprises) he took out the ring and popped the question when I was least expecting it!”

XD: “What do you guys love to do together?”

Nisha: “Relax and watch movies, and then go for a walk when we watch too many movies and need to get outside!”

XD: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Nisha: “Living somewhere in a house that we helped renovate, having a successful Optometry practice, and travelling the world!”

XD: “Any other fun/interesting info you’d like to share?”

Nisha: “We are cartoon characters at heart.  You will always find us being silly, making funny faces, and taking goofy pics!  It’s rare that we can find a picture where we are both being serious”

XD: “What stands out as your favourite part of the wedding day?”

Nisha: “The photo shoot with the Xero Team! Starting at the hotel when we were getting ready for the reception & having a push up competition. Then driving over to Kleinberg, it was  tons of fun!

These are the types of couples who we have felt completely comfortable around since day one & were such a blast to photograph! I mean it wasn’t hard, check out how photogenic they are! (and I swear we didn’t bribe Nisha on that last question!!)  Nisha & Raj’s entire day was beautiful, so touching to see her brother’s walking her down the aisle, and her father’s tears of happiness (& maybe a little sad at her little girl all grown up) after the ceremony. The array of colours of saris was incredible, the words said in their ceremony were perfect & I don’t think their family & friends ever stopped dancing! From morning to night they were all movin’, it really was a big celebration! The end of July is hot in the best of summers, but oh my we were cookin’! Of course the two of them didn’t even bat an eye, even with Nisha in over 20lbs of beading and clothing I don’t know how she was still standing & Raj in that dark suit! We had plenty of time for photos, which is a photographer’s dream of course! So when Nisha & Raj gave us a few hours and 3 locations for photos our love for them was solidified! All that time in the heat sure paid off, have a look at their amazing photos! We loved working with you guys, and keep in touch!

Toronto wedding photography

groom getting ready

groom getting dressed

grooms attire

grooms shoes

bride with sari with her name on it

bride in traditional wedding sari

bride's necklace

bride's numerous bracelets

bride getting ready

bride's bouquet

groom's family

traditions for the groom leaving home

bride's henna

bride with her parents

groom on his white horse

dancing before the ceremony

groom arriving on horse

family dancing

family dancing as groom arrives

ceremony details

groom in ceremony


bride's brothers walking her down the aisle

bride during ceremony

tying of scarves together

bride and groom smiling at eachother

throwing flower pedals over bride and groom

bride throws puffed rice over her shoulders

bride's father crying after ceremony

hugging after the ceremony


Toronto wedding photography

Bride laying down with head in groom's lap

kissing in hotel lobby

bride and groom's reflection in glass table top

up close of bride & groom

couple in tall grass

couple in tall grass

bride getting makeup touched up

bride's second outfit and jewellery

peacock feather from bride's hair

couple holding their phones

groom's suit and purple tie

couple in Klienburg for photos

detailing on Bride's sari

couple touching noses

black and white photo of bride

black and white photo of groom

couple against blue wall

bride looking over her groom's shoulder

Toronto wedding photography

couple's shoes

initials on top of cake

centrepieces at reception

photo of head table on stage

bride and groom's grand entrance

first dance

couple's first dance

speech photos

guests dancing

groom saying his speech

bride and groom cutting cake

Nisha’s outfits provided by: Chetan in Delhi, India     |     Raj’s outfits provided by: Heritage in Delhi, India

Ring Designer: We designed the rings together!

Flower Arrangements: Friends of Nisha! They bought the flowers from a wholesale florist, and Nisha’s wonderful friends made all the arrangements! Nisha:  “Shout out to my best friend Ruby for my homemade bouquet!”

Invitations/ Printed Material: Gogia Cards- Delhi, India

Cake Designer: La Creme Cakes – Brampton

Caterer: Food was from Cuisine of India & Dessert from Golden Chef


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