Some of you that follow us on Facebook know that we shared quite a few little sneak peeks from Alison & Kwame’s wedding day, but we just couldn’t resist sharing THE WHOLE THING! So here it is, in all it’s bright colours, big smiles and lots of love! We normally ask our friend’s to answer a few questions about the inspiration behind the day, so when I did, Alison automatically asked “Well do you want my answers or Kwame’s? Because his will be ‘yes’ ‘no’ & ‘I think so’ ” (you get the idea) I asked “How about you send me both and we’ll see what he says!” Read on to hear his surprisingly accurate and adorable answers alongside Alison’s.

XD: How did you meet?

Alison:  “I met Kwame in 2008 while consulting at the company which he previously worked for. I tried to walk by as much as possible, but he was a hard worker and barely glanced in my direction.  After a late night of deadlines we started talking and quickly became friends.  Fast forward, both single our friendship grew to so much more and finally to the love we share today”

Kwame: “I met Alison at my previous company while she was working as a consultant for us. It was actually someone else that had brought her to my attention as she was by far the most stunning woman that had ever walked through those doors. For whatever reason we had not ran into each other until weeks after she had started and I was stopped dead in my tracks when we did.  Our friendship budded into a very close knit relationship which eventually blossomed into us pledging our love and life to each other forever. .   ”


XD: Tell us something interesting about your relationship?  

Alison: “We celebrate two anniversaries of when we started dating.  The right date and the date that Kwame thinks is right”

Kwame: “We are  proud to say that we are the originators of “Nothing Day”; a day where a couple isolate themselves from the rest of the world, cut off all forms of electronic communication (TV is allowed) and vegetate in each other’s arms reminiscing about  life and enjoying each other.  The day is a repetitious cycle of sleep, eating, wine drinking and movie watching.  Showers are optional and food is not cooked by us, it has to be ordered in or already prepared from before the Nothing Day.  We try to have a Nothing Day at least once every month”


Toronto Wedding Photography

XD: What was the proposal like?

Alison: “Shocking!  It is very difficult to surprise me.  He had come over and I was in my cleaning outfit.  I was focused on getting every bit of dust on the floor.  I absentmindedly noticed that he was oddly dressed – he doesn’t wear suits to work.  But I still didn’t catch on.  Before I knew it, he was down on one knee – and I said yes after a lot of tears”

Kwame: “It took her completely by surprise.  Alison is very intuitive and perceptive so in order for me to propose without her seeing it coming, I had to do something that was completely random. I literally showed up at her house after work one day, in my best Sunday suit, ring in hand. She was vacuuming her condo at the time and was in some lulu lemon tights her famous FAME like 80’s top.  I went down on one knee and she lost her mind.  When I eventually asked her to marry me, she was so shocked that she didn;t respond b/c she was crying so much so I got scared.  She eventually composed herself and said “yes”.  I then told her to get on something nice as I had made a reservation at her favourite restaurant that night”

Groom's shoes


Getting ready details

Bow Tie

Toronto Wedding Photography

Toronto Wedding Photography

Brothers laughing




Toronto Wedding Photography

bride getting ready

Dress Details

Toronto Wedding Photography


Bride laughing

Toronto Wedding Photography

family photos


bridemaids in yellow

Toronto Wedding Photography

black and white veil flying

Toronto Wedding Photography

orange wall

Toronto Wedding Photography

ceremony begins


Toronto Wedding Photography

Kwame: “[my favourite part of the day was] seeing Alison walk down the aisle for the first time in her wedding dress.  I almost shed some water but my groomsmen had too much money riding on that happening so I sucked them back up”

bride walking down aisle

father and bride

ceremony smiles


signing certificate

Toronto Wedding Photography

bridal party

Groom and siblings

Toronto Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom

Toronto Wedding Photography

Rumball Manor

Kissing Hand

Toronto Wedding Photography at The Manor

Wedding at The Manor

Toronto Wedding Photography Xero Digital Rumball Manor



Toronto Wedding Photography

XD: How was the wedding planning process? Did you have a planner or help?

Alison:  “Kwame will say it was a breeze.  Me on the other hand – I found it to be a challenge.  I had all these ideas that were quickly erased once I realized how much things cost.  I stayed true to my vision by splurging on a few key items and negotiating down to the very last penny.  I gave Kwame a list of deliverables each month to complete.  What he didn’t realize was that I always gave him a deadline two months earlier than the actual deadline.    Worked like a charm.  We did not have a planner  (I couldn’t give up control until the very end) but we had a fantastic bridal party who really stepped in, a life saving day of coordinator and my amazing  parents who stood by my side and helped even when I didn’t ask.  Easily – The BEST.DAY.EVER.”

Kwame: “For me it was a breeze, I was given a list of deliverables by Alison, and I got them done efficiently and ahead of schedule…..Yeah right.  Alison was the brains behind Operation Alison and Kwame’s Wedding.  She has a unique gift for logistical planning and was extremely organized and meticulous in her approach to the wedding.  Schedules were made, budgets were done, tasks were assigned and she was on top of everyone to keep us on task.  I was the willing sidekick who admittedly did not pay much attention to her deadlines or requests for updates but eventually got them done.  I am thankful that she was willing to put in the kind of effort she did as it definitely paid off on the day of the wedding.  I can honestly say that everything went perfectly. ”

reception details

reception details

Grand entrance


Toronto Wedding Photography

Toronto Wedding Photography cake cutting


Alison:  “[my favourite part of our wedding day was] our first dance.  I felt like it was just us.  I forgot people were in the room until the music stopped and we surprised everybody with free style solos!  I danced to Beyone’s I’m a Grown Woman but I have to admit Kwame showed me up with his Azonto solo!”

bride and groom dance off

reception party

Toronto Wedding Photography

Toronto Wedding Photography

XD: Your favourite thing to do together?

Alison:  “Travelling to new places to experience different cultures, food and wine”

Kwame: “Wine tasting down in Niagara region….or anywhere that produces wine”


XD: Any big plans for the future?

Alison: “Let’s see what God has in store for us!  Kids, travelling and spending time with the people we love most.  Kwame will probably say more dogs – to which I would reply with my standard answer – maybe…”

Kwame: “God willing, kids will add to our happiness, maybe get another dog or two.  Eventually we want to move into our “dream house” and continue travelling and just enjoying each other”


Congratulations to Alison & Kwame – to years of happiness, family, puppies and of course wine!






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