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Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Xero Digital excels in both fields of wedding imagery through candid, editorial and creative styles of capturing.  We offer customization for all photography and cinematography packages. Each package can be tailored to your individual needs because we understand that every wedding is different.
We pride ourselves on the wonderful relationships we are able to establish with our clients, through setting up consultations to discuss wedding day details, as well as getting to know each other through engagement sessions.  This leads to well-established and trusting relationship on their wedding day and into the future.
We have had the privilege of travelling the globe and capturing so many beautiful weddings; from castles in Scotland to the white sandy beaches of numerous Caribbean islands, we have become well versed in many weddings such as South Asian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese, Korean, Filipino  and Persian to name a few.


Our Toronto Wedding Photographers

Xero Digital Inc. has been in business for over a decade, meaning that all of our photographers and cinematographers are experts when it comes to capturing your wedding. Working for so long in this field means we have been able to test and experiment with all different kinds of equipment  landing us with a refined camera bag full of the best cameras, lenses and lighting equipment we can get our hands on. With the experience and expertise behind us we’re now able to focus on being creative.  We will make time in your day to have a creative session, making us not just your average wedding photographers and cinematographers. Our dedication to you means that you will not only receive top quality imagery and artistry that lasts a lifetime, but our best client service from the moment we begin corresponding through to receiving your products.